Party Crafts with a Western Theme

A lot of kids are getting into the western culture again, and that means that they will no doubt want a western themed birthday party. After the recent success of certain western style movies, kids are getting back into the groove of this genre, culture, and time period. If you have a kid who likes this and is also have a birthday soon, then you would do well to make the party western themed. Not only that, but you can make the party even better if you craft a lot of the food and decorations yourself.

A big part of western food is barbecue, so you can craft your own for the party. This is fairly easy and most people do this on a regular basis anyway. You’ll need a grill, several different kinds of meat, and barbecue sauce. Then the kids will feel like they are out in the old west. You may also want to make some Mexican food too so that you get a southern feel to the food as well. This is completely up to you and your kid, though.

Horses were very important in the western culture, so you should use this fact when you craft decorations for the party. You can make while hangings by drawing horseshoes on paper and pinning them to the wall. Speaking of pinning, ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is a very appropriate game for a western themed party. You could even have ‘pin the hat on the cowboy’ if you want.

1960′s Costume Party Crafts That Rock

When it comes to celebrating the 1960s, nothing beats a costume party with themed crafts. It’s a fair bet to say that almost anyone would enjoy an occasion like this. Not only do they get to have fun in a party setting, but they also get to dress up as they would in one of the more popular decades of American history. To do this party right, you should have crafts that portray the decade and that make your guests feel as if they have just stepped out of a time machine.

As far as 60s costumes go, much of what you want can be done as a craft. Not only is this a more fun and hands on way to do it, but it is also usually a lot cheaper. To get inspiration for your costume, you should do a search on the internet for 60s fashions. One of the biggest parts of the 60s was the hippy movement, so that’s a great place to start.

If you plan on dressing as a hippy for the 60s costume party, there are several things that you can do to make yourself look authentic. A big fashion accessory for women of the 1960s was the head wreath. They would make a wreath out of flowers and other plants and then place it on their head. You can do this yourself in a similar way.

Another thing you can do for a 60s craft is make a beaded door curtain. These were very popular at the time. You can do this easily with some differently colored beads and string. Then you can have an authentic looking 60s party.

Fun Crafts for a NFL Football Party

If you are planning a party to watch your favorite NFL football team, then you will surely want to add some crafts to the occasion. Crafts are great for sports party because it adds to the atmosphere and creates fun things to look at and eat. Your guests will definitely appreciate the effort that you put in when you make your own decorations and foods.

Food crafts are a pretty big deal when it comes to NFL football parties. People generally like to eat meat when they are watching such a rough sport like football. You can make your own pulled pork pretty easily for the occasion. Pick up some pork and cook long enough so that the meat falls apart. Then, smother it in your favorite barbecue sauce. You can surround it in chips so that your guests use it as a dip. Or, they can put it on bread and eat it like a sandwich.

You should also make some crafted decorations for your NFL football party as well. If you are rooting for a particular team, you can put up the colors or logo for that team. You can make these with colored construction paper. You could also cut out the shapes of footballs to put on the walls and tables as well. Although this is pretty simple, it adds a certain atmosphere to your party. People will know what they came for when they come to your football party and they definitely won’t regret that they came.